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Capo Rosso, a place for family boat trips par excellence

Ocean lovers will have fun taking a sea hike during the weekend or the summer holidays. If you plan to go to Corsica, choose to stay in the village of Porto to easily reach Capo Rosso by boat.


Capo Rosso, an exceptional natural heritage

Capo Rosso, also known as Cap Rouge, is located in the south of Corsica, more precisely between the Gulf of Porto and Cargèse. It features huge rocks at an altitude of 331 m that dominate the Mediterranean. A hike to the top of this cape leads to Turghiu Tower. You will have to follow some low walls and rough stairs in the middle of the bush for more than 3 hours of walking. Once you climb to the top of the rocks, you can enjoy a pleasant view of the Gulf of Porto, the Scandola reserve and the hamlet of Girolata.


Porto Aventure, the leader of the sea excursion to Capo Rosso

While you don't have enough energy to climb to the top of Capo Rosso, visit the base of the cliffs by boat from a sea excursion. Porto Aventure, a specialist in sea boat trips is at service for tourists and holidaymakers wishing to explore Corsica.

To discover Capo Rosso, board an excursion boat departing from Porto. You will pass through the Calanches de Piana before arriving at the destination of your dreams.

Porto Aventure gives you the choice between a 12-seater semi-rigid boat and a 32-seater speedboat. The duration of the boat trip is planned for about 3 hours. A 30-minute stopover is on the program at each interesting natural site. You will not miss a good swim in the natural pools and an incomparable discovery of caves and rocks during the walk.

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