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Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Scandola Nature Reserve is home to exceptional marine and land heritage. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, a visit to the Scandola reserve requires a boat trip.

A protected marine area of ​​France

The Scandola nature reserve covers an area of ​​1,699 hectares. It is located in the western part of Corsica, more precisely in the Municipality of Osani. You can reach it from Porto coming from Calvi or Ajaccio. Choose a quality hotel around this site to make your trips easier.

This reserve mainly features volcanic rock structures as well as red granite cliffs. You will find around thirty endemic plant species there. This site remains accessible to the general public at all seasons of the year, in summer as during the winter period.

Organize an excursion to the Scandola peninsula by boat

To reach the Scandola nature reserve by boat, take the sea or explore the site on foot. It is in your interest to take the ocean to enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna. You will meet the small hamlet of Girolata. You will have the opportunity to meet ospreys, dolphins, peregrine falcons, golden eagles and other sea animals.

Porto Aventure puts at your disposal boats of your choice for your tour of the Scandola reserve. A 12-seater semi-rigid boat and a 32-seater speedboat are waiting for you. For around 40 euros, the duration of the excursion is around 2h30. You will start the sea trip from Porto. For this excursion along the Mediterranean, take your binoculars to better enjoy the beauty of nature. It is possible to reserve the boat of your choice in advance.

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