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Porto Aventure undertakes to respect the Scandola boatmen's charter

The commitment of professional structures for sea trips, towards quality production; adapted to customer expectations and to maintaining the balance of the Scandula reserve.

Article 1: I agree to this; conveying a positive image of sea trips by behaving as a responsible professional, & agrave; create and promote a friendly atmosphere for my passengers.

Article 2: I agree to this; that the staff of my structure hold the necessary patents and titles; the implementation of my activities, & agrave; develop through training, the essential skills a quality service; based on respect, preservation and knowledge of the RN Scandola.

Article 3: I agree to this; never willfully undermine & agrave; integrity of the site visited & oacute; and & agrave; & eacute; educate my sailors & agrave; this practice, & agrave; respect an adapted speed and & agrave; prohibit excessive and unnecessary acceleration near rocks.

Article 4: I agree to this; limit odor and noise nuisance, in particular & agrave; do not honk, shout or make unnecessary noises in the cracks, leaving no trash on the water and if possible pick it up.

Article 5: I agree to this; total discretion near osprey nests whenever they are busy to ensure peace and quiet; of the pair present and in breeding season (March to June) & agrave; respect a necessary distance.

Article 6: I agree to this; adopt a co-responsible attitude in my conception of the activity, & eacute; privilege in my communication the products & agrave; sustainable development, Corsican history, heritage and culture, local products and crafts.

Article 7: I agree to this; Include in my objectives and investment plans a reflection on less polluting and environmentally friendly equipment.

Article 8: I agree to this; respect maritime regulations, & agrave; to be in complete regularity fiscal and social, & agrave; carry out my activities under optimum safety conditions, & agrave; respect the speed limits (5 knots in the 300m band)

Article 9: I agree to this; work as soon as possible in partnership with local actors (private and / or institutional), & agrave; show respect and & laquo; fair play & raquo ;, & agrave; communicate all information relating to the conditions of good practice of my activity;

By being a signatory of the Natura 2000 Charter of good practices in the sector & laquo; Calvi - Carghjese & raquo ;, we undertake to respect the following commitments:

General scope

E1: Do not intentionally harm the habitats / species of Community interest of Natura 2000 sites and, in general, the natural heritage of the sector & laquo; Calvi - Carghjese & raquo ;.

E2: Promote the Natura 2000 charter to the users, clients and / or members that I represent and inform them of the commitments to which I have subscribed. < / p>

E3: Participate in surveys relating to attendance in the sector & laquo; Calvi - Carghjese & raquo ;, provided that the data transmitted remains anonymous and is subject to global analysis.

Coastal seabed

E1: Anchor only on sandy bottoms so as not to harm sensitive marine habitats (posidonia meadows, cymodocea meadows, coralligenous reefs, rock infralittoral with photophilic algae).

E2: Do not disturb marine mammals, including the bottlenose dolphin, by respecting the Code of Conduct for the observation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean (sanctuary Pelagos).

E3: Inform me of the list of marine invasive alien species to report in Corsica and take care not to introduce, disseminate or reject them intentionally .

Coastal cliffs and rocky coasts

E1: From April 1 to July 31, respect the zones of peace defined around the osprey nests so as not to disturb the reproduction of the & rsquo; species (ban on navigation at sea and on land within a perimeter of approximately 250 meters around each nest). M & rsquo; inform of the annual updates of the zones of calm, the nesting sites frequented by the osprey which can evolve from one year to another.

E2: Prohibit any excessive noise display within 250 meters of other osprey nests observed in the area & laquo; Calvi - Carghjese & raquo ;, in order to guarantee the tranquility of the species. For owners of hybrid powered vessels, use only electric propulsion when approaching osprey nests and the coast in general.

E3: Respect the rules of navigation at sea and in particular the limitation of the speed of boats to 5 knots in the band of 300 meters, in order to to preserve the tranquility of the species present on the entire coastline.

E4: Do not dock and / or disembark on Lithophyllum byssoides corbels and within the mediolittoral caves identified along the facade & laquo; Calvi - Carghjese & raquo ;, so as not to harm these sensitive coastal environments.

E5: From April 1 to July 31, do not fly below 700 meters (2300 feet) over the calm zones defined around the nests of osprey, whether from piloted or remotely controlled aircraft (microlights, paragliders, drones, etc.). Within the Scandula Nature Reserve, respect the ban on overflight below 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) provided for by the specific regulations of the nature reserve and civil aviation regulations. Inform me of the annual updates of the Quiet Zones.

Terrestrial environments

E1: Authorize the access of the competent services to the plots involved in the charter in order to facilitate the carrying out of operations of inventory and evaluation of the ; conservation status of habitats and / or species of community interest.

E2: Respect the existing markings at the coastal sites frequented as well as the development of fragile natural sites.

E3: Between March 1 and June 30, do not carry out any brush clearing, pruning or cutting work (except for planting). exception of the legal clearing obligations provided for by the forest code and work related to market gardening and fruit crops) in order not to disturb the reproduction of land birds.

E4: Do not intentionally introduce or spread any invasive alien plant or animal species.

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If you want more information, you can go to the page of the Corsican Environment Office dedicated to & agrave; the Natura 2000 Charter: & nbsp;


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