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Dimitri, captain of the “Ficaghjola” our 12-seater boat

After years in catering (Dimitri makes the coffees to perfection), Dimitri converted out of passion to the profession of captain in 2018. With 4 years of experience in the Gulf of Porto, Dimitri sails our star like no one else. Star of the TF1 news (we know him for his famous line 'tighten your buttocks' when entering the caves), Dimitri and his 8 abs will take you on a journey through our beautiful Gulf, towards the Scandola nature reserve, the Calanche de Piana, the Capo Rosso and the village of Girolata. Count on him to tell you all the anecdotes of the area. Sedimentary rocks no longer hold any secrets for him, he hesitates to become a geologist.
Dimitri, captain of the “Ficaghjola” our 12-seater boat

Cédric, co manager of « Porto Aventure »

Great-great-grandson of a family of hoteliers, Cédric, a native of the country, has the Mediterranean running through his veins. Corsica has no secrets for him, he knows every corner of it. Out of passion, he decided to pass his 200 captain's certificate in 2018, and to create Porto Aventure with his cousin.

He likes to climb mountains to be closer to the sun…
Cédric, co manager of « Porto Aventure »

Gérard, co manager of « Porto Aventure »

Born in the Corsican mountains and passionate about boats since his childhood, Gérard is the co-manager of Porto Aventure. A fine connoisseur of the region, he was able to set up the best stopping spots for your boat tour. After a career as a DJ in trendy Marseille bars and a commercial stint at the post office, Gérard wanted to return to his native Corsica. His Marseille accent and his habits as a postman will enchant you. He will be able to direct you to the best according to your desires and your mood. He is of valuable help and advice for all the information you will need for your trip at sea, until boarding.
Gérard, co manager of « Porto Aventure »


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